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  • My new shop

    This is my old (front porch)

    Downtown Charlotte Amalie in the old(really old)warehouse part of town

    No running water or live power ...yet.24' by 24'

    At some point somebody had some lights hooked up and a outlet.I'm not trusting any of that and running all new.
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    Great shop! I'd be tapping that plaster off the wall that has that arch, so all the brick gets exposed. Very Cool!
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      How did you get Peter Fonda to pose in front of your shop?
      Two turn tables and a microphone.


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        Originally posted by Pangea View Post
        How did you get Peter Fonda to pose in front of your shop?
        lol...yeah right.
        Hotfoot maybe I will...first is lights and power,decent welding table,etc...


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          Yeah, why in the world would anyone cover up that brickwork? It looks like someone was maybe tryin to cover up somethin'??????
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            Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is in that wall!
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              The arch was possibly/probably an opening. Whatever was used later to fill it in and close the wall would have matched poorly until the whole area was plastered over. I like it a lot the way it is with part of the plaster falling, revealing the masonry underneath and stimulating the imagination as to what the whole history/mystery of the place is. The whole shop has a great vibe.


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                Just about moved in....took 1 pic and my batteries died,couldn't get the welding side of it(next time)Most of the stuff in the pic was in my Land rover...I bet my mileage goes up.

                I don't think I'll take any plaster off...those brick's are very crumbly.I have no Idea how these buildings survive hurricanes.
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