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AL top for weld bench??

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  • AL top for weld bench??

    I am getting ready to build a weld bench. My brother said they used Aluminum for their top so they can't tack the work pieces to it. how would I weld it to by 1x1 steel frame? Any thoughts on AL vs Steel for a table top?

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    Both have advantages

    So naturally half and half would be best.


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      The ability to tack your stuff to the table can come in handy.

      Likewise, if it's aluminum you won't accidentally tack stuff to it.

      Personally I'd go for steel and just make sure I don't accidentally weld stuff to it.


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        I like steel. You can weld to it then just grind it off till its smooth.


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          Personally I would go with steel. Save the aluminium for another cool project. Cheaper to use steel anyway.
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            Every bench I have ever welded on was steel 3/4" or better. You can tack jigs, clamps, pushers, dogs, or 1/2 your project on to it if you want. Having an aluminum work surface would be good if you were working with say, aluminum
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              Never really saw an aluminum work bench.....Probably because it won't hold up (Unless it's really thick) Sliding heavy parts would tear it up and try to grab the part making it hard to move around.....I think Steel would be my choice....and have a piece of aluminum handy for placing aluminum parts on when welding so there isn't any arcing.....That's what I do?
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                You wont be able to weld the AL top to the steel bench. You could bolt it down. I use steel for work tops. Steel slides on steel better than on AL. I do tack weld to the top and flat grind the top to clean it up. On a side note, you cannot flat grind with the guard on the grinder.