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O.T. ish........Sail-boat repair

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  • O.T. ish........Sail-boat repair

    No this repair didn't involve welding,
    Just an engine problem, most boats are coming
    in for the winter.

    It's been way to long, I haven't been on the water.
    I only sailed with my Dad, when conditions were brisk.
    He was a purist, like a biker that needs snow or
    sub-zero wind-chill to go back to 4 wheels.

    I even got so bored once, when we lost the wind in a saturday
    race, that I left him my wallet and swam to shore, in shorts,
    a T-shirt and my keys.
    That was nearly a very bad mistake, but I can laugh about it now.

    Here's the point, I had completely forgotten the tremendous thrill
    I used to get when we put up full sails in the brisk but steady winds
    the day after a big storm. The "swells" not waves, would be my idea
    of Sailor's heaven.

    Cutting the engine is one thing, the transition of sound from mechanisation
    to pure nature. But what I really loved was being several miles out under power.
    Stop dead, I can't remember the correct term for the angle to the wind
    that accelerated the boat the quickest......
    But a good friend, myself, and my Dad, would get the sails up at once
    as quick as we could, and when the sails filled, and the boat pulled ahead,
    it felt like the breath of God was propelling us.

    If you ever get invited to sail.
    Don't miss-out on it.

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    Strange but I have been thinking about it all week now. I have been repairing a broken mast on some kind of a sailboat. It's made of an oval extrusion and 24ft long. He said a cable broke and it bent like a pretzel before it snapped
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      ok, that's enough, we're supposed to get 8-10 inches tonight. with freezing rain first.


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        Sailing is pretty cool. I learned when I was about 12 on one of those 10 footers with a mast plugged into the hull. There was no 'cabin' space. If water came over the hull, it ran off. Another time, my cousin took me out on Lake Michigan, this hull had a place for your feet and would hold water. Jeez, Lake Michigan is as black as hades. Looking over the side of that little boat scared the h*ell outta me. And sailing up toward that tanker, with its 10 foot bow-wave was a revelation. I still enjoy a little windsurfing at the local reservoir.
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          Phil, come July or August are you gonna be extolling the virtues of snowshoeing in the wilderness to be at one with your maker?
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