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Need to put Allen Cap Heads on Air Mixtuure Screws...

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  • Need to put Allen Cap Heads on Air Mixtuure Screws...

    I'm not sure whether to braze or use silver solder.

    If I braze - should I use a high silver content rod?

    I have 4-40 brass screws that I will be cutting the heads off of to attach to the air mixture screws on some non-standard carbs for a Yamaha RD350 w/PWK carbs on and RD400 engine/tranny.

    This will make adjusting the mixture a bit easier because you just don't have room for a screwdriver...

    Any suggestions?



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    If the screws and heads are brass I would use lead free solder. Flux it and solder it right up. It takes less heat to solder than to braze. Less apt to mess up your screws..


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      I made a couple sets up for some AHRMA racers a few years back blus float bowl quick release screws that were tool less for quick, in the pit jet changes.

      The float bowl screws were 18-8 metric stainless studs, 272 threadlocked in aluminum hex stock, turned down with the hex left proud so they could do finger jet changes. I deformed the first few threads on the studs to insure a locked condition.

      I drilled the slotted end of the mixture screws and used a 4-40 bottoming tap and threaded into the meat of the screw. I then threadlocked a short 18-8 stainless stud (just like the floatbowl screws) and attached a knurled knob (threaded to attach to the stud) and threadlocked it as well.

      I made about 10 sets for the racers. They were running Mikuni smooth bore race carbs. TDK's I believe.

      That is the easiest way to obtain finger adjustable jetting. It looks good plus it is vibration proof and straight. You'll heva e a really hard time getting a socket head attached to the screw, especially getting them straight.....

      They had no problems and were very happy with the result. When my customers are happy, so am I.


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        Need to put Allen Cap Heads on Air Mixtuure Screws

        Just a quick update. I have a CAD drawing of the 350/250 heads. I will post as soon as I can find a way to do from a PDF file.