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    Hi, i have a 120 mig welder and im wondering if i can weld bycycles with it. If not would an oxyacetalene be better? Brazing? Also how would i go about notching out piping to make it fit snuggly onto another peice( I beleive its called fishmouthing?). Thanks for the help!

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    First off Move, welcome to the forum. If you will look around a little for "coping" of Fish mouthing there are several threads and tools on the subject. There are multiple ways to achieve what you are trying to do, some are very accurate while others are less so. As far as a 110 MIG, they are pretty low on power, so do not expect it to do much over 7/8ths thin walled tubing. It can be done, just pay close attention to fit up and cleaning as well as proper joint construction and you will be OK. Dont forget to practice, practice, practice and post up your pics as well as all the settings and gas you use if you need help. The more info you give us, the more we can help and the more accurate it will be in a more timely manner. Good luck!!!!
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      Hey there Moveup1,
      Welcome to the weld talk chatter box.
      Your 120 mig will be plenty to weld thin wall tubing. For tubing that size I would just use a hole saw notcher. But like Rbecktt says do a search for notching pipe there has been a few threads on that subject. That way you will get other ideas that may work out for you as well.
      A lot of bike frames has been brazed from the factory. Many times when I had to do frame repairs I had to sand blast and grind off the brazing before I could mig it. Remember prepare your joint remove paint, scale, old welds, etc. And, get as tight of a fit as you can. Try it on some scrap tubing and then do a bend stress test. Let us know how you are making out.