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(Bicycle) Six-pack Front Rack

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  • (Bicycle) Six-pack Front Rack

    Since I recently moved to MD with Mrs. HandsomeRyan when she got a fancy government job, I have moved from my house with a full garage workshop into a 900sqft apartment. Needless to say I can't weld here so my welder went to live in storage at my parents house.

    I got the itch to weld something and i knew I was going home for Christmas so I used a hacksaw in my kitchen to cut the pieces for this rack from a piece of Home Depot purchased steel. *shudders at the price*

    It's not perfect but it works just fine and although I know a lot of folks will offer advice for adding a full bottom or trimming down the pointy metal bits, I'm not too worried about it. I have 5 bikes (including a tandem) and this one is only ridden at slow speeds around the neighborhood. The micro u-bolts for the rack height/angle adjustment are from some cable clamps I had in the parts box. The whole thing was sprayed with aerosol truck bed liner to seal it (with mixed results).

    On with the show...

    Mini u-bolts from cable clamps.

    washers welded to the steel rod.

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    Looks rather classy, I'd say! I have a Motobecane just like that, but silver...'guess I'll have to go out and air up the tires to roll it around a bit!
    "Good Enough Never Is"