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  • Bicycle art

    Check out this guy that builds custom bikes...

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    I noticed two safety issues:

    - welding while wearing a sleeveless shirt
    - deburring tubing on the side of the chop saw wheel
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      some pretty stylish bike, but I relly qusetion their stability and longivity with the frame/neck joit being a single spot. I look at the flex at that point as he rides the one in the video, and it looks like metal fatigue waiting to happen to me!...also, that same flex is also going to occur as side flapping in turns...not at all good! they ARE stylish, however.

      what's most interesting to me is his "rib cage approach", which is along the same lines I am going to do the chopper in my shop right now (it'll be inert, however...strictly an art object.

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        Sounds dangerous.


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          Cool bikes!!!
          When I was young they had, stingrays with the banana seats were cool.
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            very cool!
            "let me know how that works out for ya'"

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              Nobody seems to mind he's using trees, fences and fire hydrants in public areas to bend tubing?

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                Originally posted by old blue View Post
                Nobody seems to mind he's using trees, fences and fire hydrants in public areas to bend tubing?
                I thought it was interesting that he's shown using what looks like a Hossfeld bender by using brute force, and complaining about how he's injured his back bending tubing... kind of the whole reason for having a bender is so you don't have to be horsing tubing around fire hydrants?
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