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An inverted Trike?

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  • An inverted Trike?

    An unidentified flying object rocketed past me on Hyway 32.
    Two wheels infront, one in back, Driver (Pilot) was humanoid.

    Orange-ish color sckeem, looked factory fresh.
    Hard to be sure at such speed but I think the front
    wheels were stearing. Just as well I drove a rear-stear
    Dune-Buggy once, had a Corvair engine, and was a death-trap.
    Boy could it climb a grade though.
    I had to back down for fear of final exit coming down foreward.

    Awesome look'n bike for sure,
    would have liked to see it at a stand-still.

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    That sounds like the Can-Am Spyder.
    I'm starting to see more and more of them on the roads, even out here in Wyoming. Interesting vehicle. I'd rather have a Harley Tri-Glide, meself....

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      Ypu that's It !

      Originally posted by AnotherDano View Post
      That sounds like the Can-Am Spyder.
      I'm starting to see more and more of them on the roads, even out here in Wyoming. Interesting vehicle. I'd rather have a Harley Tri-Glide, meself....
      Too fast ta get a name, Thanks


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        I've seen them, also...can't figure why a guy wants that extra weight, extra tires to buy, etc...all so he won't tip over when stopped???
        Maybe its anticipatory marketing in response to the inceasing girth of Americans...which threatens to exceed the load limits of just two wheels, perhaps??
        If I have to ever go to three wheels, this will be more like it!

        Although, I did do a two front wheeled version of a Moped /Flower Cart earlier this year...

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          I watched that Spyder video, and tech specs on the vehicle...really impressive! Computers control wheel slippage and abs braking system, and lots more! Worth the watch!


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            I got a short ride on a trike not long ago. It has a 350 Chevy engine, a bench seat and a short box bed in back. Plus a roof. I was just the passenger

            Now this lean steer trike is interesting...

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              Then you have the T-rex:

              The two-up-front trike is much more stable then a servicar-style trike. They also can be a lot better handling and lighter (better power to weight) than a four wheeler, with performance almost as good as the best bikes under ideal conditions, and better in less than ideal. Safer and more comfortable, too (roll cage, heat, better aerodynamics, etc)

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                Just looked at these last week on ebay....although not pavement melting tire burners...(Yet) these are the newest things being imported from China...They are also making the "Can-Am" clones. That's just one they are making this one too

                The listing is expired so scroll down for the gets 90 mpg and it's street legal (except of course California) I can see someone doing some engine modifications ASAP after they bought one..
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                  Mud, That's one goofy looking vehicle! The T-Rex has always been Ultra Cool, and Ultra Quick!

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                    Granted it's cool,but it's also over $30,000+ and that one on ebay was only $3000.

                    This is just one of the projects I bought plans for which got me started welding so I could build one....The Yellow one.

                    Bad Ass Trike Company design and build mid engine trikes,and sell them as a trike kit

                    I've got a link to plans for a reverse trike similar to the T-Rex, they are about $90 (now $105). I'm leaning more toward the Reverse Trike design as time goes on. I've got all sorts of links to Reverse Trike styles & designs.

                    This is the chassis design of this
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                      as a large number of returning servicemen come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with leg 'injuries' the market for trikes, and sidecars has really increased. The Can -am is exactly what it was intended to be. From the very first drawing on paper to the finished product. It is what it was intended to be. Unlike other trike conversions that start out as a motorcycle and are converted into a trike. The can am retails for 15,000 dollars. Converting a motorcycle costs 15,000 dollars on top of the cost of the bike. So from a cost standpoints it has a big edge. Handling is of course superior to any traditional trike also.
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                        To me It's terrific. (Can-Am) that is.
                        Like a Willy's Jeep with only one back wheel.
                        But much much prettier.

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                          If you don't find something that interests you at this site...

                          you just aren't looking...


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                            OK, Ya' got me! This is also very cool...Hot as blazes to ride in a place like Texas, though!...Way too hot!! Would be great for winter cruisin'!!

                            ...and this one, too!

                            ..and did your Dad ever come up with any ideas about what to do with that Old Soap Box Derby car hanging in the rafters???

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                              I'd almost forgotten that "Roadstercycle" low and mean..Like a super fast 3 wheeled go-cart

                              We all will probably wind up getting one of these..

                              if things don't change

                              There are all sorts of vehicles at that site to drool over...a lot of them are homebuilt and anyone with basic fabrication skills should be able to build their own pocket rocket or putt-putt. Most of them utilize a wrecked motorcycle as a starting point...(other than the high-end super-cycles) which makes them affordable for a homebuilt project..