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  • ATV loading ramps

    I have a few idea on building some steel folding ramps to load the atv on a pick up truck. My truck bed sits around 40 inches high stock. My idea was 2 inch - 3/16 angle iron with 1 inch channel for the cross bars 14 inchs wide. I am tring to keep them lite but very strong and easy to work with. Also I am going to arch the ramps a little near the top to lessen the angle entering the bed.
    Has any one build a pair. Or have any ideas. I am using a 187 mig and do not want alum. ramps It has been 15 years ago that I welded alum. and im not ready to dive back into it yet. pics and ideas welcome.

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    I know you prob want to build these ramps, I know I would too...but they are more than likely going to be very heavy if you build them out of steel... Speaking from experience I have had 3-wheelers and fourwheelers for about 22 yrs. and the best I could come up with for cheap was the aluminum ends that you bolt on...I believe they are called RampArts??? Ebay I'm sure I made some security features on mine, such as aircraft cable with snaps on the ends to keep them from falling off the tailgate... I have a warrior that I loaded many times even in the rain, on 2x8's never had a grizzly I had to upgrade to 2x10's also had to have cables because the whole truck would buck and jump around when I load... If you study some of the aluminum ramps that your local tractor supply store sells, you can get an idea...If you go ahead and build these ramps please be sure and post pics, cause I gotta see them... Believe me steel gets heavy quick, We once copied an aluminum deer stand and made out of steel. Wasn't very big but once you carried a bit, it would whoop your azz...My buddy was stout as an ox but hated carrying it...
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      I know this is a welding forum and you can't weld wood, but I recently made some ramps out of wood for loading my motorcycle into my truck. It does have some steel bars that go over the tailgate. At 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, I can put both feet down and easily ride the bike up (slowly and with my helmet on) into the truck.

      Here I am loading it up. To come down you just put in first, don't start it, and use the clutch and front brake as a brake. Its covered with paint that has sand in it, so traction is no problem. My bike only weighs 350 pounds, but the guy in the plans is riding a big boy's bike up.

      I can easily pick them up with one hand with the center hand hold and load them into the bed when I am ready to transport. They work well, but they are a bit bulky. They cost me less than $50 to build and are handy for loading other things into the truck as well. Still it may give you some ideas for a steel framed one. I made them from these plans:
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        Thanks yes I know they will be heavy but they ony have to load and unload atvs, and lean against the wall when not in use. I seen all kinds and I figured that it would be good for my son and I to build a pair together. He is 15 and wants to learn welding and has not done a bad job so far, are last project was a A frame for a snowplow with a Lincoln ac buzz box. He not to bad at stick welding, but that is becoming a lossed art unless you are into heavy metal.

        I looked at the steel ramps at TSC and they had the mesh screen (looks cheap and weak) for the traction are looked ok but rather have the cross bars so any mud on the tires can fall off. Yes I will post pics here

        Alu. ramps well im not sure but I am going to look into if the Hobart 187 can weld it and how thick it will weld. I never welded alu. before.