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    Here is a trailer I built for the sole purpose of being able to pull a moose or an elk out of the bush by myself....

    I started with the rear axle from a front wheel drive Chevy Cavalier type vehicle...Cut off the round crap axle, flipped the axle mount to the top side and welded in a piece of 2" tube...13" of ground clearance...1 1/2 " angle iron outside frame, tied to the main 2" tongue....Used some old heavy walled 3/4 " tubing to build the sides, took them up about a foot and then bent them 45 degrees out, so it is a natural chute.....Mounted a riser, with a support gusset and then an 800 lb hand winch.....Small ramp which hooks onto a lip on the rear of the trailer to slide a critter in....

    I know it does not look great at this point, but I put a sheet of 3/8" plywood on the bottom and painted her all up with marine enamel black, but did not take a picture, as hunting season was starting, so my priorities switched quick....

    Ironically I shot my elk this year and did not use the trailer...Not because I did not want to ...I shot my elk in a Closed Vehicle area So it was back to old scholl...4 guys and a long pole tied across the antlers and the human mule team was in action...Luckily it was only 350 yards of airly flat ground to the Closure Boundary....

    If anyone would like more information (measurements) or more pictures, just ask away.....


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    Looks great! I'd like to see a better picture of the axle if possible. I'm always interested in how to take one thing (a Chevy Cavalier axle) and turn it into another thing.

    I know what you mean about getting big animals out of the woods. I shot a moose in 2004. Luckily, the landowner where we were hunting had a six-wheel utility vehicle and he was kind enough to drag it out for us.
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      I built one fairly similar to that for a friend last year. (I think he also get rear hubs/spindles from a cavalier.)

      Only major difference is we used a piece of receiver tubing with teh 2x2 tube for a tongue bolted to it. (Just like a receiver bar would be pinned in a trailer hitch.) He can shorten it right up, and lets him leave it hooked to the bike while trailering to and from the hunt camp. The extra length of the tongue just slides back in underneath the trailer. It also saves him some space for storage too.


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        Originally posted by villemur View Post
        Looks great! I'd like to see a better picture of the axle if possible. I'm always interested in how to take one thing (a Chevy Cavalier axle) and turn it into another thing.


        The round spot below the axle is where the old axle tube used to mount..Just trimmed it off, truned the spindle mount 180 degress and viola...clearance...

        Nice flat, strong mounting surface to weld to also...


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          Those older GM and Dodge (Caravan) front drive vehicles have a great rear axle for use in trailer building. I can buy the axle with two wheels and tires for $75 at local junk yards. The Dodge Caravan axle can be used right side up for a drop axle trailer and upside down for more ground clearance and a higher trailer.

          The main tube on them can be cut to make a narrower track and cut with a piece of pipe welded into the "U" channel to widen the track.......
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            That does look really good is it easy to get a creature on the back using the ramp?? and are you planning to use Land Insurance at all?

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