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    anyone know where i can find good blueprints for making a chopper frame?

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    Check this out Got about all the info. you need.


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      Not abegginner's project..for sure. Lots of precision joining with critical welds...PLUS the geometry has to be spot-on. One of my Harley's had a poorly calculated raked front ( the rake was fine, but the trail was off. It had 7 degress of rake over trail, which is about 4 degrees too much! Sure looked cool, though!), and was kinda terrifying out on the Interstate when it went into the 'Death Wobbles" next to a semi...not much all!
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        ..but, Heck, don't let me discourage you. Plenty of guys (like Wild Bill, here)engineered and built their own bikes without any fancy-schmantzy frame tables or exotic welding equipment.
        "The Road Dog"..wild Bill "..Died in a hail of bullets in a shootout with police.." His bike still lives! I believe Walneck's either owns it, or a replica (why deny the world with only one!)
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          thanks guys. it will be a project for at school so i will have all the help needed from my teacher who has built many in his day (since he was young him and his dad were in their shop til like 2 every morning) he also got silver at the canadian skills competition so i think we should be alright lol chances are the frame will never even get used... but id like to start and practice and see how it turns out. the ol ladys dad has an old chopper of his all torn apart and weve been thinking about rebuilding it. his dream was always to build bikes so im thinking maybe if my skills are up to par one day he can retire into his dream job with me as the welder/fabricator.
          thanks again guys
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            None of the big and famous chopper builders have nothing on that bike! Was that the first "Boss Hog" bikes? Looks like a flathead V8 Ford? Thanks for sharing that

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