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Rokon 2 Wheel Drive Type Vehicle

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    That is really neat. I think they need to work on some type of low end gearing. Doesn't appear to have alot of torque? Maybe its just me but it looked as if it was straining on those mild bumps on the video? The concept is great though! Kurt.


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      If you go to the forum there was a lot of discussion about the construction of the two wheel drive trail bikes and they can answer all your questions.

      I got interested in the hydrostatic drive a couple of years ago after Jeff built that road bike and Brian posted information about what they were doing with hydraulics.

      I think the "Raccoon" trail bike has plenty of "umph" the video was the first one so they may have been taking it easy and playing around with it to get a feel for how it performs.

      Glad you liked it.



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        I found another place called mini doodle .com that has alot of pictures and stuff too.I like the fat tired ones.I think the hydraulic ones on the above forum are neat but beyond my little shop capabilities and budget.
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