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What gauge 2” box for trailer ramp project

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  • What gauge 2” box for trailer ramp project

    I am building a bi-fold trailer ramp for a motorcycle trailer. Each section will be ~ 78 x 36... I am planning on using 2” box for the outside frame with 2” angle for interior support structure, similar to the one in the attached picture.

    so the question: what gauge box tube should I purchase for this project?

    I want it sturdy, but no need for overkill - it will never have more than one 800 pound bike on it at a time.
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    I recommend 16 gauge if you are a skilled welder, if not then go with 14 gauge. 16 gauge will burn thru much quicker. If You are using a stick welder then go with 11 gauge.


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      It will be either Flux core or MiG - building it outside so I will likely keep the machine as currently setup with Flux Core wire.

      i would say I am an intermediate welder - so 14 sounds good to me.

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        That sounds like good advice. The 2" square 16-ga will do the job, but the 14-ga isn't much more expensive, will be stronger, and will be noticeably easier to weld.


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          ​ I wanted to stop back by and say thanks for the advice - project is done but for paint...

          It is heavy, but with the spring assist hinges I used, it can still be put up and brought down by one man.

          This was absolutely the largest project I have taken on with my welder, but it was a lot of fun and came out just as I planned. We won’t have to monkey around with ramps to load and u load our big bikes anymore.

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            Ummmm .... Care to explain this picture......

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            "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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              Lol... I knew someone was going to ask about that, and you are going to love this! I am running flux core in my welder, i am not using solid core mig w/ gas for this job.

              That is a bottle of 100% CO2 that I use to refill my wife’s soda stream and that is where it lives for lack of a better place.

              when I posted that photo, I noticed the upside down bottle and thought: yeah, that is going to raise a few eyebrows in this crowed!


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                You totally should have come up with a much better story that would really have us wondering how crazy you are.


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                  It’s for the new inverted gas penetrating shielded flow arc welding... you haven’t heard of that? It’s all the craze in California! lol


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                    That's mo better!