Hey guys,

New here.. I was searching for a welder forum since I was trying to find pictures the get an idea of what I want to build without sucess, so here I am.

My client want an hitch on a pickup with a cube box, the frame was extended of 3feet seem to be well welded to me, what I was planning to do is to use a 1/4" think plate to reach the bottom of the step that is being used to climb in the box (see picture). What I don't have choice to do is to is extend the main tubing flush to the exterior step, creating a "torque effect" (not sure about the translation on about this one, scuse my english).

Does someone got picture of their previous work or any idea to guide me to make it strong.

Here is the back of the van:

Also, here is there any law about custom fabrication for a hitch in canada, quebec? didn't find anything in the saaq book, secondly can I weld an hitch on a extended frame? If no I guess I have to drill and bolt it?