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  • I need help!!!

    I have to build a hoist for my shop, all I have access to a bunch of 1-3/8" round tube and a 6" truss beam. I guess the main question is " will a truss configuration work for the columns and how large should they be to support about 900 lbs?"

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    Every thread is "I need help."

    Edit your post to reflect the actual subject in the subject line so the guys who know trusses will actually notice it, and everyone will remember its content each time it gets bumped with answers.


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      Yea...I'd say you do. Need help that is.
      So let me offer you some.

      Look around. See how things are
      built, manufactured... created.
      Remember before they were made of metal they were made of wood and stone. By guys like you and me. Yup...we were the slaves.

      Some one figured out this ages ago and you need to remember the work has been done for you if you choose to discover it.
      900# is easily supported. A cheap engine hoist does that. Why reinvent a wheel unless it's to make a better more useful wheel. The key is you have a specific material in mind.

      You mention tube, rather than pipe. That wall thickness adds strength, rigidity and resistance. Those details are important.
      How much of that tube have you got?
      Egypt had an endless supply of slaves. On that principle, it takes more of them to accomplish the task, or consideration on how they are used for the task.

      Lastly. Become familiar with a few basic terms and concepts. Tensile strength, ductility, strain, elasticity, yield, compression, static and dynamic loading. Do all that and you won't be needing to repost the question. But if you do decide it's necessary, do a drawing, sketch of an idea. And details.


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        How big (width and height) does your hoist have to be? Will it be mobile or stationary? Will there be a trolley on an I-beam?