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    Hey, guys!

    I'm no jesse james custom bike part builder. New to welding as well.

    However, I have an old Suzuki with a rusted out gas tank. Already tried getting the rust out and I'm not happy with the result.

    Does anyone know where I can find information on the best welding method to use and materials?

    It doesn't have to look like a million bucks, I just wanted to get something on there so I can ride it without it getting clogged up.

    The fabrication part of welding is what has been grabbing my attention, so any tips are appreciated.

    I currently have access to a Lincoln SP-135T (if I recall). Not sure what to buy for myself though considering I'm looking to get into fabrication. MIG has been great to learn on though. I own two oxy torches too, but no rig up so for now they stay looking pretty. Which does make me sad because they should be blazing glory haha.

    What would be the best set up for someone beginning in fabrication. Looking to do custom auto and home renovations someday.

    Thanks for your time and listening to me ramble.......

    Moreover my initial question, what would be the best weld method to construct a motorcycle gas tank. Ideas are always appreciated.

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    Fabricating a gas tank for a bike seems like a very advanced metal fabricating project. I've watched it done before and it takes some serious pounding and shaping preferably with an english wheel and planisher and if it all fits together welded up with either the Tig process or gas welding with a Henrob cobra torch. Maybe some one else on this board knows more than I and will chime in.


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      Got planishing hammer ??????

      You'll ned one !


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        What bike? I used to race Suzuki and have several sources for parts and may be able to find a used tank.
        Thanks for reading/listening.

        Antique Hobart Engine Drive Lover X5


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          Think I would find a used tank that is close to acceptable and make it work instead of full fab job...

          "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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            They make coatings, for the inside of tanks, for just such a thing.

            I had a friend w/an ATC that had a leak. He used the stuff and the leak went away.

            Tis a major pain to try making a new tank...if you want it to look anything like the old one.