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  • car ramp angle

    Hey guys I'm trying to build an car ramp. What I'm needing from you guys is some info on how long your ramps are and how far off of the ground they are when they hook to the trailer. I'm really just trying to find the angle. I don't want to get an angle that is too steep. Then they are useless.

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    It's going to vary, the ramps I can use for a 4x4 truck can be a much different angle than what you are going to need for your 'laylow' customs.

    If you have a vehicle in mind that would be the 'lowest' to deal with for clearance, measure the height at the spoiler or whatever is lowest, and the distance back to the edge of the tires. This will give you rise/run, and you can crunch an angle from that if you wish, or just transfer that to a set of ramps as you build them.


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      Keep in mind, that the longer the ramps are, the more they will have a tendencey to flex in the middle. As a rule of thumb, I have always made them as steep as possible, while still allowing the vehicle to get onto the trailer without scraping.
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        the ramps on my trailer are 5 feet long and stand 14 inches high and have a 3 foot brace to prevent the ramp from bending in the middle. They work well for loading everything from my 67 Ford to farm tractors.