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  • Work Van Back Work

    These photos are from the back of a work van that my uncle just bought it obviously needs rust repair. And i am a certified structural welder. However i have never done autobody work.

    I told him we need to buy the sheet metal thats used for auto body work and we would have to make the peice to fit with the nut since it is attached to something, he has no problem with making a hole in the new peice of metal he said. So i just came here to see what others would do as well before i just take a torch to his van and start welding.

    What would i do from my own observation:
    acquire the stuff needed, cut out the rust, mold the piece of metal to fit the van, have the hole drilled, and then weld it back on. Of course its not that simple though.

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    Ok, I dont recall how many layers there are in there, what it supports etc. But, you need to keep its general structural design but what you dont need to do it match the exact steel. I make all the patches a gage heavier at least, a bit harder to form but holds the shape, adds strength and so much easier to weld.