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Project Binky - Amazing Project and Fabrication Skills

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  • Project Binky - Amazing Project and Fabrication Skills

    Stumbled on the Youtube Project Binky, a project taking the body of an Austin Mini, cutting out most of the under floor and building new front and rear suspension attachment points and engine bay to permit a complete Toyota Celica AWD drive train and engine to fit inside the Mini... The sheet metal and body structure fabrication skills shown in the project are very impressive with some great methods e.g. building negative jigs from the original donor car to fabricate the new floor pan, and suspension sub frame attachment points. Its long (at least 13 Episodes) and I've only watched the first three.

    Quote from the first episode..
    In the first episode of Project Binky, we take a rotten old Austin Mini and strip it down to a bare shell. We then take an angle grinder to it and cut it to pieces. It's only then that the customised rebuilding process starts.

    We're trying to create one of the fastest Minis on the planet. We're going to rebuild it with the engine and running gear from a Toyota Celica ST185 GT4. Or at least that's the plan. Whether it comes off or not is another matter. We're filming this as it happens so what you see is only a few weeks behind where we're actually at so we're not sure yet whether we can do it. That's kind of the fun though.

    Stick with us through the highs and the lows of the project. Hopefully it'll be worth the agony and cash.

    Feel free to share it far and wide!

    Here is the link to the first episode....
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