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CataClean did the trick.

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  • CataClean did the trick.

    You can't renew your plates here on a car 20 years old or newer,
    if the engine light is on (or it's throwing various codes).

    Old faithfull just wouldn't have it, catalytic code .p0420.
    She's got 240 K miles and I've patched
    some of the front clip together with 6013.
    $24 for a can of secret sauce in 3 to 4 gallons of gas.
    Drove it hard on I-94 for an hour.

    No more code or engine light.
    Passed the next morning, gassed up and headed for the shop.
    Engine light back on before I got there,
    but I'm used to the cozy glow of it at night.

    Bought it at AutoZone but they all carry it.
    Negative people have a problem for every solution

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    We sold cases of that stuff at the parts store I worked at one time. Had MANY repeat customers, had a guy debating about it and the woman waiting behind him said -buy it! it works and bought 2 cans! Needless to say he bought it, never had anyone come back and complain about it