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  • Name that tool... Please...

    What's the name of the device that Auto Shops place between the Pos and Neg battery terminals when welding on a car so they don't fry the ECU..? Is it simply called a 'surge suppressor' or does it have another name... I'd like to try to find one to purchase...

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    I've heard of simply disconnecting the Negative terminal to take the battery out of the circuit. I don't believe its only surge, but also high frequency from TIG or Plasma Cutters. Many say its not a problem as long as you ground clamp is as close to the weld area as possible...Others will no doubt contribute their knowledge and opinions.
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      I don't own, operate, nor work in a body shop but do have three friends who own/operate theirs and spend quite a bit of time at each. I have never heard of this device myself. I have helped at each shop from time to time and we always just disconnect the negative cable from the battery. If we have to remove the battery, each shop has a 9v battery supply that plugs into the cigarette lighter to maintain the computers memory while the battery is out. My belief is along the same lines as keeping the ground as close to the actual point of welding, with a good ground contact. Thanks, David


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        I done some welding on trucks and cars. From muffler work to body panels. i don't worry about the computers in the vehicles. I have not disconnected the battery before. Haven't had a problem yet. Of course I haven't welded on eny vehicle newer then say 2001. Just make sure your ground is good and close to the weld area.


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          What your worried about is ground loop back through engine electronics.
          Ground close to weld. Start weld on ground side of joint and bridge weld over to other side or 2 ground clamps is about best you could do.