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Bar stool racer finished (Pics)

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  • Bar stool racer finished (Pics)

    Well after about 2 months, and probably at least 300 hours, the bar stool racer is basicly complete. I do still have a few things to do, such as putting wheelie bars on it (I found out the hard way that it needs these). I also want to put on a few decals, like on the beer holder on my steering wheel so people will stop asking me what the **** it is. What's a bar stool without a place to put your beer??? The only real problem I have is that I think I may need a newer battery. I'm using a used deep cycle battery, and I'm only getting a couple minutes use out of it before it needs charging. I may also replace the push button I'm using as an accelerator. During the first drive after hooking up the electrical, the button stuck on while I was heading straight for my wife holding our 9 month old baby. I put my feet down, and it ran up the backs of my legs. Then the front end came up and hit my wife. Luckily she turned and protected the baby and she and I just got scraped and bruised, but it was scarry. It's really unbelievable how much torque this thing has.
    Now that it's done, I'm wondering what the **** I'm going to do with it. LOL. All it's really good for is basicly driving around in circles in my garage. Oh well. It was fun to build, and I've got less than $300 into it.
    For those of you who want to try to zoom in to inspect my welds, forget it. I had to grind them all down. This was the first project with my new mig welder and all I had was flux core, so there was spatter everywhere, and anyone who has used fluxcore knows it's hard to get a nice looking weld. That's my excuse anyway.
    I've never tried posting URL's before so I don't know if this will work, but these are the links to my build pics.

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    Nice work! Looks great! Better attach those wheelie bars quick before you end up cracking your head on that garage floor...LOL

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      Yeeehaaw! That thing is really torkie.Nice job, looks like fun.


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        Nicely done. Looks like a roll cage and and helmet are in order. Seriously. Pitching over backwards or cracking your head would not make your day.


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          ****, nice job on the aluminum.

          Looks SWEEEET!!!! How did you get the blue and the red finish, certain kind of paint?
          how did you make the steering stuff? buy a kit or something?

          turned out nice.
          I think alot of golf carts run 2-4 batteries, deep cycle is probably the best type of battery to use.
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            Nice job but the next time somebody tells me that I have too much time on my hands.....
            What do I know I am just an electronics technician.


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              i would like to build one oof those
              and add a anti rollover bar to the back

              what motor, battery, gears did you use?


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                Hey gearhead,

                Your bar stool racer is totally cool! Great job man.



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                  Thanks for the praise everyone. As for the questions.... the paint I used is a new paint they carry at Canadian Tire. It's supposed to imitate the look of anodized aluminum. It's a really nice paint, but it's meant to be used over chrome, not primer, so it took quite a few coates to cover everything. As for the motor, it's a gear reduction starter motor off a honda, which I modified to allow for cooling and to disengage the bendix drive. As for the front steering compontents, I fabricated everything from scratch... from the axle, steering knuckle assembly, spindles, and even the tie rods. As for gearing, I used 4 sprockets to reduce the speed from the output shaft down from the 5800 RPM it was originally turning at, to a barely managable speed.


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                    Looks great! I was curious as to what kind of traction you were going to be get with those tires, but it does not look like thats a problem. People doubt the torque of electric motors and are suprised when they ride one of my lifted (electric) golf carts. Again, GREAT JOB!!
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                      I wonder if you could put a clutch from a go-kart to help manage the torque?


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                        Gearhead, everyone thinks your doing a wheely. Actually there is too much lift on your wing. Your toy is way cool, keep creating new projects. Uncrichie...


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                          Coulda saved some time and dough by leaving the steering and front wheels out. Don't look like you use 'em anyway!

                          Slick!! That could add a whole new dimension to "sipping a cold one" out in the Gadget Garage!!

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