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    I guess I need to introduce myself. My name is Chad and I live in Oklahoma. I really like doing ornamental work. I bend my stuff with a HF compact bender with scroll attachment and their ring roller. I just bought a Hossfeld bender. It is missing some pieces. I am waiting on the manual to figure out exactly what I am missing. Here is a pic of me with a gargoyle that I made.
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    Welcome Chad!

    That looks like some MY-T fine work you're doing. I too enjoy the ornamental stuff. I am thinking about one of those HF benders. How do you like it? The one drawback that I see is that I would like to do some heavier stuff than it is rated for.
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      Aweaver, I use the MM for everything now. I just bought it at the end of January. I had a cambell hausfeld 105 before. I decided it was time to upgrade. Miller had a special on the 251 with the spool gun so I took them up on the deal. I really like it.

      Arbo, I really like my HF bender. I have definitely got my money out of it. I hope that the Hossfeld scroll bender will allow me to do heavier stuff. You can also make jigs to bend heavier stuff into scrolls but it will not be as fast as the scroll bender. I have a crazy idea to make the world's largest hand bent scroll some day. I don't know what it is about scrolls but they really get me going.
      Art is dangerous!


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        Hi Chad,
        That really does look cool. The shelves and everything else look great too. I never understood how people do all that bendy stuff, you've got a talent there for sure!


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          hey chad, change the date on your camera. Prince may still want to party like it, but it's not 1999 any more

          - jack


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            "Here is a pic of me with a gargoyle that I made."

            OK, I see the gargoyle and the metal thing but where are you in the picture? Just kidding He He. That is really nice work.

            Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.