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storing metal?

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  • storing metal?

    for now, all my metal is stored in a leaky garage and is already rusting.
    As I buy metal I noticed it's oiled (or something, but not mill scale) to keep it from rusting. Where can I get this stuff, or what's good to put on stored metal? I played with shop oil and some grease for about a second and just see it becoming a huge mess.

    On a similar subject, how can I anti-rust some thing I don't want to paint (leave welds visable)? I imagined a few layers of acrylic clear-coat or something....

    Thanks again!

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    meta issues

    I think trying to rust-proof metal may be an uneconomical project. Maybe covering it would help? The spray clear coat should work on finished projects.


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      How about a couple of saw horses to get it off the damp floor and one of those cheap blue tarps that they sell in just about every store in the country. Maybe you could coat things that you don't want to paint with clear Krylon. Good luck.


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        Brownell's, the gunsmithing supply company, has a product called HOLD. It comes in a liquid concentrate that you dilute with water and spray on metal. I've used it on shotguns after I've bead blasted them and wouldn't be able to parkerize them for a few days. It works, might give that a try.
        Have you inventoried your property today?


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          If you are looking at trying to keep a whole pile that is stored outside from rusting, a weed sprayer filled with diesel fuel can't be beat.
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