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Octagon layout: the simple way

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  • Octagon layout: the simple way

    Here is a simple method for laying out an octagon. This is another method that eliminates the need to measure chord lengths. One problem with measuring chord lengths is that they are seldom a length that can accurately be measured with a tape measure. Secondly, If you are not careful with the layout you can end up being off by quite a bit by the time the you come back around to the first chord that you layed out. Rocky D I m not insulting the Chord method because I use it too when needed.

    Anyway, back to the layout. The first step is layout a square. the second step is to draw a line acrossed both diagonals. the third step is to divide the square in half north and south, and then east and west. The forth step is to layout the diameter of circle that you want. Use the point were the diagonals intersect as your center point for laying out the circle. The last step is to draw a line from point to point were the circle and layout lines intersect.

    Here is an example picture of the completed layout that I briefly tried to explain.
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