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My humble trike....

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  • My humble trike....

    My welder cart before hooks, bells, whistles, sandblasting and painting......

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    I guess that this would help.......


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      Nice work Mow...did you use the TIG or stick capability of the 180SD? I like the steerable front wheel. Looks like you have room for more gas too. Looks great.


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        Super cool, Mow....where's the cables, and stuff? Are you gonna mount your MIG machine on top? (just an idea)


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          Will, I used Tig, Mig and stick on it! I made it to use two bottles, but I don't know if I ever will. I need to modify the T-handle a bit so there's no chance of hitting the machine. It won't hit now, but I'd be a bit more comfortable if it rested a little further away. I still need to put the pedal platform on it and some tubes for rods, some cable hooks,etc. I'll use it for a while to see where I want everything and then go from there.

          Rocky, I have another cart with a Thunderbolt at the bottom and a MM175 on the top. I may eventually put the mig on top and permanently set the Thunderbolt on a wall mounted rack. Maybe make some room for a plasma cutter! But before I get the plasma cutter, Momma needs her kitchen remodeled. I think if I can convince her that I could do woodwork with it, I might get it sooner than expected!

          The cart is pretty maneuverable and more stable than I thought it would be. I can stand on the front corner and it doesn't tip, so I guess that it's stable enough. I needed the maneuverability.


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            Nice work Mow. My first instinct was the stability issue when I saw it, but it seems that you have it won. Keep up the good work!
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              Mow, I see a lot of stress in this area, and I would strongly recommend adding gussets, as I did I this picture....I can see also that the CG is far enough back to the rear wheels to give it plenty of stability. Good design!


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                That stability kept me from starting quite a few times, but I finally said, " I have a torch, a grinder and a welding machine. If it doesn't work, I'll do it over." But it looks like it will turn out ok.

                Rocky D - yep, I thought about that area myself. That is where I plan to put my pedal holder/platform and I am going to try to incorporate the gussets in the assembly. Believe me, that is definitely the weakest part. The frame is 1 1/2" x 3/16" square tubing and the rest is 1/4" plate and angle except for the thin plate that the bottle is sitting on. Also, you were right about the pneumatic tires. With this amount of weight, it's just getting to the stage where one can notice the drag. If this would have been a little heavier, the solid wheels would have been the way to go.


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                  You can always swap out later. I worked for Texas Instruments 20 years ago. They had a big Miller arc welder on a 4 wheel cart that used pneumatic tires. It seemed to roll OK and it was much larger than your.