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    i live in an area that has frequent
    power outages. i was considering buying
    a standby generator, but the thought
    just hit me, i might be better off with
    a gas driven welder that has a generator.
    the power offs has occured at a bad time.
    in cold weather, when you need your furnace.
    the last one we had was in december.
    i have not done any research on this, so
    i don't know the cost of a welder/generator.
    i know what a standby generator cost, and
    they are not cheap. the fact that it could
    be used for two things is what i like. anyone
    have any ideas what one of these machines
    would go for?

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    gen set

    A welder/generator is a better idea because it can be used all through the year. Most people don't maintain an emergency gen set Cost is about the same as for a good qualiy stand alone gen set. I don't know if you could set one up to auto run like you can with a standby gen set, but most people just fire it up after a power outage. Miller had an article on this a year or so ago in their newsletter. Maybe one of the Miller guys can find it in the archives.


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      Buy the welder generator

      I went down this same road 3 or 4 years ago and came to the same conclusion....If you are thinking of a 120/240V generator with enough power to run the house (5000-10000 watts), then spend the money on a welder-generator. I bought a Hobart Champion 16 and it was not much more money than the 8000watt generator I was looking at. Miller/Hobart and Lincoln make some nice welder-generators. By using it year round, you will keep the battery charged and fresh gas in it too. A lot better than rolling out a generator that hasn't been started in a year or two.

      Also the welder-generator holds its value better. There is a glut of generators out there for sale by people who took the Y2K thing too seriously.


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        I think you are on-track with the welder/generator idea. The only thing I would add is to pay attention to the dutycycle rating of the various units you look at as well as the load % . There is a difference between a continuous run unit and others.