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  • bending metal

    I am looking for a tool to bend,shape metal flat & round & square. to make rings or hooks. don't want to spend too much but would like a quality tool. Maybe plans to make a tool. any ideas would be appreciated.


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    try this

    This is the HTP welder site. They have a few nice accessories.

    Another source might be Eastwood.


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      metal bending

      what size metal do you want to bend... flats and round stock is usually not a big problem... but if you want to bend square tubing.. there is a little more machine involved...

      I've got a H.F. metal bender that I make small stuff on... it can handle flat stock up to about 1-1/2 across and 3/16" thick. the dies included are for flat stock but solid rod is no problem... won't do tubing with these dies... I got it for around $70 bucks...

      there are dies available from another source for this bender for round and square tubing... I just haven't invested in them yet.
      If you're interested or buy one... I can give you the company name of the originator (H.F. is a knockoff) he has all kind of dies, torque multipliers and machines... nice stuff...

      If you're serious about bending tubing, I'd suggest a Hossfield (?) bender... much more expensive but a quality professional tool..

      If you're only interested in heavy wire stock... the flat bar benders with holes drilled and bolts installed will do most of what you want... I'm sure someone here has a plan to share

      you can try a Google search on "metal bending" or "metal benders" and find a bunch of stuff... including the guys that try to do it with their mind...

      hope it helps

      My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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        h.f. benders

        for any that are interested... the original maker of the universal metal benders that harbor freight sells is HowRon Industires..

        their email address is [email protected]

        address is Denton Texas
        phone # is 940-320-3950

        they have the dies for the machines... other heavier and lighter duty machines and a neat video that shows setup and use of their benders...

        My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!