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  • Dayton bandsaw

    I have found a Dayton bandsaw model # 42127 with a 1/3 hp. motor 1/2 " blade, blade length is 52.5" runs 100 SFM the guy wants $75.00 for this, does anyone here no anything about one of these? Are they worth a darn and does anyone no where I could find a website for the Dayton products? I haven't had much luck. This is a small horizontal band saw it stands on 4 legs probably weighs in at less than 100 lbs. It is in need of a new blade at the present time I have not bought it, but still kicking the idea around.

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    52 1/2" seem like an odd band length. If I remember right most 4 x 6 bandsaws use a 64 1/2" band. I d look around and see how easy it is to find a band in the length that the machine requires. I know that my local welding supply store will make a band any length that you need it. Don t know what this costs though,because my 7 x 12 saw uses common length band that is always in stock at my local tool store.
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      Dayton Band Saw


      Try grainger, they sell Dayton products.

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      I did a quick look. Prices ranged $1000 to $2,500+. I didn't see a match for what you described. For $75.00 you can't go too far wrong. I've had very good luck having blades made up. Cost isn't bad and you generally have several choices of materials.

      GO FOR IT! and send pictures.

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        I just bought an old Kalamazoo horizontal bandsaw last week and am surprised how I lived without it before. I have to get a new blade and they can be had most anywhere and if you need a blade made to length it is simple. I had one made because my local Fastenal didn't have one in stock. Cost me $23 for the blade and $350 for the saw. I would get it if the machine seems to be in decent shape.
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          BUY IT

          If it runs it is worth the money. I picked up a Marvel 612 at an auction for $200 and it was about the best $200 I ever spent. Don't cheap out on a blade though. A good blade will cut for a long long time. Take some stock over and try some cuts with it.