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  • Dan
    Rocky D

    That has to be the job from back in March. I bet even with 1/16" diameter wire that took quite some time. How hot did that M-40 gun get with that kind of weld length? Man if you would have kept using that M-25 you would have smoked it. The M-25 gun on my MM 250 at work get so hot it starts smoking some after just running about 5 or 6 8" long fillets with the machine set at about 28 volts and 440 IPM (roughly 230 amps) with an .035 E 70S-6.

    Anyway, when a man puts that much time into something it is mandatory to show it off. More pictures please.

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic Spray arc

    Spray arc

    Don't try this with your HH135. This is 3 1/2 tons entirely spray transfer. I have more on this if you want to see them. Go to my "Spray arc 2" post for the rest of the story
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