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need help posting pic

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  • need help posting pic

    i need help posting a pic. tried it
    but it did not work. my documents file
    has my pictures. could not bring it up.
    any help appreciated.

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    These are the rules for attachments from the FAQ section:

    "To attach a file to a new post, simply click the [Browse] button at the bottom of the post composition page, and locate the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive.

    Only certain types of files may be attached: these are the valid file extensions for files to be attached to this board: gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg."

    Put the filename in for the picture in the "Attach file" box below the the reply section or use the "Browse" button to find it on your hard drive. The file has to be smaller than 100kB or the message server rejects it.