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  • Gas mixers

    Rocky D menchend a gas mixer on another post and I'm wondering if anyone has some Pictures of there home made mixer

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    Here's my mixer...the green line goes to the wire feeder. It allows me to acurately feed in any percentage of CO2 in with my argon.


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      Here is home made gas mixer system but not mine. Ernie in text is calling his ball in tube flometers a flowgage. Can't use flowgage which is pressure gage calibrated in units of flow for specified size down stream orifice as they give inaccurate readings when there is pressure downstream of orifice. His flowmeters both use the same 50psi supply pressure. When flow meters use different supply pressure you will still get good mix while flowing but the higher pressure gas will inrichen mixture when flow is stopped.

      Western Enterprises quick disconnects are shown in the picture so the mixer is easly removed.

      With any gas mixing the only way to know what you really have is by analyzing your mixed gas with calibrated analyzer. For most welding it isn't that critical.
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        Thanks guys that is very help full now I have to have one for mixing HE and AR