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    Hmmmm, 3/16 or 1/4 flat stock could also be substituted. Good analysis Arbo. As to the casters being in the way, I know its confusing the first time I thought about it. The end legs will have a bracket that goes around each caster and supplies a mounting point for two flat strips of stock. One goes across the front the other across the side. I won't have time to post a picture of this before its completed.

    When rolling the load, the weight will be carried lower or if its higher the weight will be on the removable adjustable load platform which also gives stability to the legs. The platform will have 4 welded 3/8 pins that will slide into corresponding holes in the legs. This is not cut in stone yet, I'm still open to suggestions for a simple strong, lightweight locking platform mount.

    Am I being clear as mud?
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      OK, I've been thinking about this one, and I think I can incorporate both problems in one fix. How about if you used some short pieces of square tube that the casters would fit inside of. Strap these together on all four sides and add some lifting rings. When this was down against the floor, it would keep your legs from doing the split. This frame could then be lifted to your desired level with the hoist and pinned in place. Add a sheet of 3/4" plywood and you have a lightweight solid platform. Think about it...
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        Thanks for the idea Arbo.

        I'll keep it in mind when I go over the plans this weekend.

        More Projects:
        -My wife asked me to make another grill stand for our barbeque grill. Our grill keeps flipping over in high wind.
        -Need to make a folding Handi accessable ramp for our front door so customers can come to drop equipment or visit.
        -A pedestal stand for my 60 lb vise.
        -A frame stand for all this metal stock I'm buying.
        -Replacement roll around workshop table with flip up extensions, my old one is beat to death.

        That number is increasing faster than I can build them, I must be popular!
        It's not an optical just looks like one