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  • Pipe Fencing Recommendations

    Currently getting bids on a pipe fencing project. Theres a good $15k+ difference between the lowest and highest bids.

    Everyone has different opinions on new vs used pipe, diameter, concrete vs driven, screw together vs cut and weld - I have no idea whats best.

    No looking for it to be done cheaply and poorly, but I dont want to be taken either!

    Looking for guidance on what is recommended / what to avoid. Help please?

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    $15k difference doesn't mean anything if we don't know whether we are looking at a $50k job or a $500k job.

    Knowing nothing about where you are on the planet and the types of substrate the fence is being anchored into means we would want to hear WHY the different contractors are recommending different methods. It is very possible there are several acceptable and good methods available.

    The difference in the methods recommended may be based partially on the experience of that particular contractor and the tools he has and material he has access to. Both may be perfectly good jobs. Both might still be utter ****e. You need feedback from former customers in your area that needed the same type of fence. The internet just can't sharpshoot local contractors with practically no information.


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      Here in northern Colorado the oil field pipe is used extensively for pastures, corals, etc., etc., On average, a 30ft length goes for $32. Some places sell it in full length, cut to length or semi load, others sell it by the semi load only.


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        Wrought Iron Harve who is about the expert of experts did a tutorial on SFT at one time, said they use new galvanized and weld it for most. They put in concrete.


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          Who have the picture of a pergola design ...and what 're the material needed to build them