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20' cantilever dock

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  • 20' cantilever dock

    Hello new here . I've been searching all over for info on this and it seams like the folks here are quite knowledgeable

    Anyways here's what I'm trying to do

    Build a 20' x 6' or 5' semi floating dock that will cantilever up in the winter. At the end of the dock will be a few rain barrels for bouancy and at the shore I'm planning on M20 rebar cemented into the rock then welded to channel which will be pinned to a different section of channel that is part of the dock(that will be the pivot points) . As well as wood decking and appropriate bracing all the way down. Figgure every foot or so

    Anyways I'm trying to determine the best type of steel to use
    Channel/ Ibeam / tubing as well as thickness and sizing. but I am planning on painting the steel in bed liner for corrosion protection

    Thanks in advance

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    Hard to picture because I think the word cantilever is being used wrongly. It's not supported at the other end, and therefore changes design requirements significantly.

    Draw a rough picture of what you are wanting to do.

    There are far, far more details required in any case. The actual type of steel may be one of the least concerns.
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      Do you mean a floating end dock with shore based end anchored?...

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