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Increase Height of Gun Cabinet??

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  • Increase Height of Gun Cabinet??

    Returning old/now new member here ....

    I have 8 long old-style flintlock muzzleloading rifles that range in overall lengths from 50" to nearly 60". There are very few gun safes on the market that allow for storage of guns this long and the few that are available are too big, too heavy, and too expensive. These guns aren't crazy valuable, but I would like to have them secured in some manner. I'm not concerned about fire or water damage ... just keep out smash and grab thieves.

    I was thinking of getting one of the light-weight gun "cabinets" such as sold by StackOn which are a standard height of about 55", then cutting the top or bottom off and adding a 12"-14" extension to the cabinet to get greater overall height. Door would remain unchanged. Anyone ever done a modification like this or does anyone have any other suggestions for getting more height out of a "standard" gun safe or cabinet?

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    Put one of these on, then cut out the metal between them. or

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      usmcpop ... that is a good suggestion! It would make for a much nicer and cleaner looking modification.


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        No brainer. Pop nailed it.