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Safari Rack for Cherokee

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  • Safari Rack for Cherokee

    ok people,

    this just might be my last project before i head off to flight school.
    its a Safari Rack.
    some of you may have seen the pictures of my jeep [and the bumper i made a while back], well, my brother-in-law wanted me to build him one for his jeep. so here it is. sorry for the not so great quality, it was dark. its also unpainted. just wanted to get a coupld snap shots before i took it off my jeep [i had to fit it to mine, hopefully it'll fit his]

    made entirely of 1x1x1/16 steel tubing, floor is 3/4 #9 expanded steel. brackets from KargoMaster.

    Safari Rack 1
    Safari Rack 2
    Safari Rack 3
    Safari Rack 4
    Safari Rack 5
    Safari Rack 6

    when i rebuild mine, i'd like to do it out of aluminum. when i do get around to it, i'll be comming back here and asking ya'll how to weld aluminum........

    In fact, if anyone in the area wants to buy my old one, go HERE.

    good bye, for now!!!!


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    What a great job...$275 ?....for the work & materials,enginering lay out,paint etc.. ask $375.00..good luck!!


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      Great Job!!
      It's not an optical just looks like one


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        i didnt make the one that i am trying to sell; and i am only trying to sell it for about what i can build a new one for.

        btw, where in new mexico are you. i just moved away from there.....las cruces!