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    Hello all,

    My name is Chad,
    I went to school for welding around eight years ago, compleated the program and was gearing up to jump feet first into the rewarding field of welding and pipe fitting, maybe someday even get certified. When I had the bright idea of joining the Marine Corp. Suffice to say, these past years I haven't been welding, I've been carrying around a rifle. WHO KNEW?
    A month or so ago I picked up a Millermatic 135(early xmas present).
    Now that I've gone through a spool of wire, a tank of gas and enough scrap metal to build a small troop carrier(that guy at the dump hates me), I'm ready to take my welding certification test. Just kidding...

    I found a skills test for the 2001 open weld trials on the AWS web site and wanted to know what you guys thought about it. Maybe someone here can whip this up and post pictures of what its "supposed to look like".
    I'm going to give it a try the next free weekend I have and I'll post some pictures.

    Senper FI,

    (in pdf format)] American Welding Society[/URL]

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    do they know ?

    does the marine corp know that you
    can weld? there is always something
    that needs to be welded. i think you
    would be a handy person to have around.
    let someone know your qualifications.
    good luck.