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  • Tool Storage Shelf

    Here is a handy shelving unit for storing your power tools. you may have seen this sucker at Sears, only this version holds twice as many power tools and is much much cheaper. but just may not be as pretty!!!

    made from 1"x1"x1/16" tubing for the frame and
    3/4"x1/8" angle for the sliding shelf supports.

    First pic is before the wood shelves went in:

    Tool Shelf - Bare Bones

    Second pic is finished; but I've added more "stuff" on top since i finished this afternoon.

    Tool Shelf - Finished

    and yes, the microwave can be a power tool too!!!

    The power tools are mounted to each wood shelf [3/4" MPF].
    when you need to use one, you just go grab the entire shelf, and place it on another workbench where the shelf fits onto it, recessed and clamps down...ready to go. although, i dont have the second bench yet, thats next.


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    Nice shelf, It looks like you must do some wood working also.
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)
    The Next Loud Noise You Hear Is Me!


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      Good project, well done...a lot of thought went into that. Ya sure couldn't buy anything that functional!


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        Originally posted by Arbo
        Nice shelf, It looks like you must do some wood working also.
        Arbo, its my father thats the woodworker. he cut, routed and fitted the shelves, i handled the steel. i figured i better make him something due to the fact that its his equipment that i am using.