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    Originally posted by turbo2ltr
    Wow, this is mind boggling.

    According to the page that Bill posted, the rate would [edit]increase[/edit] (I need a math lesson) if you removed coils with everything else being the same.
    RATE and PRELOAD are two different things.

    Preloading a spring means that a force proportionate or greater to the preload is needed to compress or stretch the spring further.

    Rate is how much stronger the resistance a spring will give as it is compressed.

    Confused yet??

    Spring rate can be linear or progressive. A linear rate means the resistance remains relatively even as the spring is compressed. Progressive means the resistance increases at a progressive rate as the spring is compressed. (ie the more you push/pull, the greater the resistance)

    It REALLY get confusing with a spring with LINEAR and PROGRESSIVE rates wound into ONE SPRING! (look for tightly wound and loosely wound coils in the same spring.

    I'm bad with the math, so dont ask. I have a headache!
    All this spring knowledge I've gained with bicycle suspension work. (spring rates and preload are CRUCIAL in mountain bike suspension tuning)
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      14 years. I think that might be a new record for necro posting. lol.


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        I've ordered springs from Mcmaster Carr. Their website will help you figure out what you need. I glanced at the site and saw one for 60 lbs. with hooks on the end. It was a pretty big spring.
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          I dont have a clue about what I was working on.


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            Some of the links in here didn't work when trying to open. I did find a spot that had extensive information for small springs, medium springs, and very large industrial springs. This site has a Request For Quote feature which can be sent to many spring manufacturers all at once, so it won't take much of your time to contact more than one manufacturer/supplier. I'd send out a question like this in the RFQ and you might get several quick replies, faster and more reliable information than here.


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              Originally posted by turbo2ltr View Post
              14 years. I think that might be a new record for necro posting. lol.
              Good job! You brought it back to life! It's a zombie thread now. It's cool how the web team never deleted this, but it is a good resource for us visitors who are looking for references/help.


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                Originally posted by sknate View Post
                Good job! You brought it back to life! It's a zombie thread now...
                He was remarking about a spam post (since deleted) that resurrected the thread. He didn't.

                Spam should be reported with the report button, and NOT replied to, further bumping it.