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mechanical govener ?

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  • mechanical govener ?

    I have a machine that has a 6 cyl gas engine and a mechanical govener that has a set screw type adjustment on the back of it , I have just recently overhauled the engine but the govener is not adjusted properly and I don't know the settings. My question, I guess is for someone with experience on these type things, I just need to know how to set it propeerly or at least a good starting point.

    Thanks And keep your rods hot
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    Free advice: worth the price!

    Mechanical govener is probably trying to keep a specific RPM. With a freshly rebuilt engine recommend setting for the lowest possible governed RPM ... if you can figure out which end of the screw travel that is.
    Once the govener is governing correctly , then you need an RPM spec to set it to. Might be something on ID plates if there are any. Suspect you might find something by searching the net by make, model numbers, any other info ... for both engine and generator.