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  • miller matic 200

    Hi Guys,

    thinking about upgrading my Hobart Handler (suitcase welder - 90 amp) for something with a little more fire !! My welder is struggling to do 3/16" stuff...

    I'm waiting on a price from a guy on a Miller Matic 200... (is that a bad word on this site ???)

    any comments, warnings, things to look at specific to Miller before buying ?? or general used welder buying precautions ??? I know this is probably a 10-12 year old welder, right ?? but being a unit built for commercial duty.. that isn't that long.. I know it wasn't used daily or mistreated and has been setting up for a while.. will that hurt it ??? and I think the gun/wire lead is not with it ?? what will that add to the total price...

    if I could get this unit for 500-600 is that a good deal if it's a good working machine ??? I don't have the budget to buy new and I can't even find good used for less than a grand in similar rated machines... that takes too much $$$ away from my truck project !!

    I'm a gauranteed rookie and I've only owned one wire machine so I'm relying on your expertise and advise..


    My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!

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    I have a MM200, it's done everything I've asked it to do. Its a big enough machine to spray arc. For 500 its a great deal. I think I paid about 800 to 900 for mine with the spot/stitch/pulse controller.