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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Model #770186

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  • Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Model #770186

    Have used this helmet for slightly less than two years. Suddenly quit working, no longer darkens. Tried sunlight to recharge. Is there a part I can purchase and install myself? Does it need to be sent in for repair? What costs are we looking at? Thanks.

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    that seems to be the life on our helmets, every 2 years, we have to buy a new helmet sucks, but who want's to go without one after using it for 2 years
    crazy redneck bluenoser


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      If it was still in warrenty call hobart and arrange for replacement.
      If it is out of warrenty spend more to buy replacment with replacable battery.


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        My "top of the range" (reads - "expensive") swiss made auto packed up after about 3 years use.

        The suppliers didnt want to know, 12 month warranty only.

        I took the "insides" to a friend who is an expert at repairing electronic equipment.

        He tried to get the casing open but found that it had been filled with resin. This made any kind of servicing impossible.

        As it was junk anyway we smashed it open with a hammer. He looked at the remains of the circuit board and said that if he could have got it out in one piece there was nothing on it that he could not have fixed or replaced.

        Annoying to think that the failure of one, probably very cheap, component meant I had to scrap the whole helmet.

        If all helmets are built this way (I bet they are!) then you can forget getting it fixed.

        I bought another, much cheaper auto, as I too, dont want to go back to "nodding down".
        More tea anyone?