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chop saw stand idea

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  • chop saw stand idea

    i was thinking about picking up a couple 10' pieces of 1'wide sections of rollers and mounting them on each side of my chopsaw. any other ideas? i have also heard that it is handy to mount the saw into a 50 gallon drum to catch the sparks and other debris. would this work?
    any input would be appreciated

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    Tom, Here is an old thread on that subject:
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      Tomweld thats a good idea,if you have the room and can leave it set up. I wanted to do the same thing to my band saw a little infeed and outfeed tables. Most of the surplus places are in Califooey or New York. If you can find some of the surplus places locally I think they would work great. Do a search and look at SBerry's chop saw stand,you could probably adapt a couple of barrels into something like it. David