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another welding table????

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  • another welding table????

    yep _ another welding table
    i got the MM210 home last night - and what good is a welder w/o a welding table-i had been planning this for a while so i had all the material ready (just waiting on the welder)
    i used 1/2 plate for the top 3' x 4'--legs are 2" x 4" x 1/4" tube--
    table top supports areout of 1/4" plate--1 1/2" sq tubebottom shelf supports w/expanded metal sheld -- and i put it on steel 4" casters-
    i was very happy with the way it turned out and i was very happy with the performance of the new machine (even on the heavy material)_
    sorry no pics--still dont have the dig. camera but will prob have one pretty soon so i can post and then receive all the great praise (or ridicule) which ever

    just had to post(you know how it is i'm proud of my first at home project) tried to get my wife excited about it but all she sees is a table (maybe shes right but i'm still proud)

    keep this furum goin guys its great to get answers to questions or ideas on projects(as if i dont have enough allready)

    anyway THANKS to all

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    Yup, that machine should eat that right up. What wire size are you using? That machine should run 035 well. If I had a bunch of delicate body work to do I would take the time to change the wire but from 16 ga up I like the 035.


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      thats another thing i like about the machine
      44lb spools & i was using .035


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        cats--sounds good iam in the same boat as you need that dig camera for some constructive criticism . good luck this is a great place to learn. tim
        no one get's out of here alive.


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          Congrats on the table and welder. You know you can take pics with a regular camera and Walmart, and I'm sure other places, can put them on disk for you inexpensively. That way we could see your handy work
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