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    Scott S, I've started modifying a welding table I found and would like to do a top similar to yours. What thickness metal did you use for the table top and did you support it in the center? If supported, did you use angle or channel? I'm doing a shelf on the bottom and picked up my expanded metal today. I appreciate the help.
    this is my first post on this board, so if it's not right just bare with me...i'll get it...thanx

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    freeman2u , First things first, welcome to the board. You are gonna like it here. I used 1/4 plate for the top, I ordered 3/8 but they were out of it andd I did not want to wait the 3 days until they got it in. I am not sorry. It is plenty thick enough. The legs are 3/16 tube. The table frame is 3/16 u channel. There are two center supports, equally spaced under the top. The shelf support is 1/8 tube. Good luck, let me know if you need anything else or want more pictures etc...

    Happy & Safe Welding.......Scott
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      I built several hundred steel benches similar to those. They were all 2 ft wide and 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft long. I made a jig for the 2 legs which included the top reinforcing. If I needed to run off 20 benches I would make 40 leg assemblys and had the steel for the stiffners cut to length too. I had the gang cutting figured out so I could make the most of the drops. Then I paid for shop time at the same place and stood right there and had him bundle saw the tubing angles and any flats. Also run a flat bar thru the shear and would chop up a couple 5 gal buckets of pieces for feet. I cut 1 out of every 4 legs a couple inches shorter and put an adjuster on one. The under table bench was angle turned up. They could throw a board in it and make a shelf. I had a system so simple that my helper could fab a half a dozen in a good morning. We rounded the corners just a bit and shipped them. What a job.


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        Really big welding tables should be made as large steel grid about knee high so easy to stand inside table and weld.
        Here is one example.


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          i like that roller the guy in the pic is using! did that get fabbed or is a manufactured product?

          it never hurts to look [unless they`r WELDING!]


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            Now that is a ring roller!, I also like the wire feeder on the swing arm. That looks like a nice little shop there. Wonder how much a ring roller like that costs and where can you get one? David


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              It looks to me like fabricated version of one from Janson. Shouldn't be hard to copy.
              Jansen Ornamental Supply has been serving the Wrought Iron industry for over 55 years and have grown into one of the largest suppliers of Ornamental Iron and Gate Operators on the west coast. In addition to shipping products around the world we also offer free delivery service to most of Southern and Central California for a small minimum order. Our logistics have been fine-tuned over the decades to make sure that you receive your parts in a timely manner. You can see from our Website that we provide a full line of products from many manufacturers to serve all of your Ornamental Iron and Gate Automation needs. Most of the items seen on this website and in our catalog are well stocked and ready to be shipped to you on the same day you order.

              They are forming a frame for teardrop trailer.

              Right now they are building 3 new trailers using a powered roller I haven't seen. They will post more photos of new trailers construction.


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                Roger, those are really nice little trailers. Very functional for the size of them. I doubt wheather I could get my wife to camp in one though. It took me long enought to get her to go in this.
                Happy & Safe Welding.......Scott
                Miller Auto Arc XLT 270