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All terrain chair.

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  • All terrain chair.

    Here is my next project: a universal mount that fits an all terrain chair that I sell that allows my disabled customers more flexibility to hookup tables, cup holders, tool carriers, crutches and special gun mounts and racks. My customers are outdoors-men and buy this chair to go 5 to 10 miles into the forest and streams. Its designed to take up to 30 degree inclines and works great in snow and water.

    I'll keep you posted.
    It's not an optical just looks like one

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    Thats very cool, I'd like to see how that turns out.


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      Al T,

      Are you making just the attachment or some accessories as well?

      Wondering if you could contrapt a storage pack for those longer expedetions in the forest. Thinking of a pivot somewhat outboard of the rear support of one arm rest. It would carry a basket/frame that would stow behind the back rest for travel or swing out alongside to access the stuff inside (water, bullets, cell phone, camera, whatever). When stowed behind the seat it would somehow clamp to the opposite arm rest and hopefull not add any width to the vehicle.

      Might even be able to clap the "carrier part" alongside to support a side looking tripod, gun rest, or whatever. I guess an option to configure it for swing left or swing right would be a good feature.

      I guess the key is what sorts of attachment points can be found on the basic vehicle.

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        The only easy to reach attachment points are the flat plates facing outwards on each vertical motor. The motor is bolted down into the gearbox so it doesn't need the side case mounts according to the manufacturer.

        My idea is to construct a U shaped frame attached to these points for strength in the rear and the forward arms to be supported by the side casings.

        It will be quite special when it is finished.

        -From the rear center will offer a tow hitch(convertable). Can pull up to a 200 lb. sliding or 500 lb. rolling load.

        -The ability to mount backpacks, crutches, Oxygen tank or whatever else is needed behind the seat.

        -As you stated a basket can be mounted easily with a vertical pivot pin that allows it to rotated from locked rear position to side armrest position.

        -The side frame arms will have attachment points for a approx 30" * 18" worktable that is stowed on one side into the frame when not being used.

        -The side frame attachment points could also be made to secure currently sold camera, bow & arrow and gun platforms.

        -Fishing pole holders that rotate and lock for transport and fishing positions for either side.

        -Possibly side compartments for tools and storage, or simply use the many type of side bags being sold today.

        -The frame will also allow head lights to mounted as well as rear safety lights. Tracabout uses two deep cycle 100amp SLC or gel type 12 volt group 27 batteries about 60 lbs each. I already have the 24vdc to 110ac 1000 watt inverter for remote power needs. I borrowed it from a computer UPS.

        First the basic frame will be designed and it will evolve as time goes on.

        I think this will give challenged people a little more fun in life.
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        It's not an optical just looks like one


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          Al T,

          You did not specifically mention a snow plow or light duty skip loader. Sounds like once the basic U frame is in place these (and lots of other unique contraptions) could be added as specials.

          Suspect you will start with steel, but alum. might save weight as the design matures.

          This seems like a project with lots of variables and may take some time to evoluve ... but I think you've shown us you are pretty good at getting lots of detail considerations into such an undertaking.

          I look forward to seeing how this progresses.