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Does anyone have this welding table?

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  • Does anyone have this welding table?

    If the link doesn't work, go to and enter item# 3488900. HF used to sell a welding table like this, but seems that only NT carries it now (and at just as good a price as HF). Anyway, I'm wondering if the grate or expanded metal surface is thick enough to also plasma cut on with hacking it up as well. Does anyone have one and know the thickness of the surface?

    Dave Sisk, Ferrous fun fanatic

    TIG: ESAB Heliarc 161 AC/DC
    Plasma: Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38
    MIG: Millermatic 210

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    Looks like what we were talking about, 3/16 thick grates (does'nt say if it's an inch, but it probably is,) Is it long enough for your needs? 3 feet.


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      Hey davesisk,

      Looking at the northern post and reading your thread about making a plasma cutting table, you may want to go to home depot for some bar-b-que grill. If they do not have a piece long enough, try a bar-b-que place or tack a couple of the smaller pieces together.

      Anyway, I will probably get some and just suspend it above my welding table with some fire bricks. This way it is easily replaceable and movable since I do not have any more room in my "magic garage"!!!

      Thanks for the Ideas!