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  • cylinder carts

    I am interested in buliding a cylinder cart for my oxygen/ acetylene cutting outfit, and I was wandering if anyone out there have any unique designs that they would like to share so that I can figure out what I should be building.

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    I just use an old furniture dollie and strap the tanks to that. Not real fancy, but it works.
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      Here is a link showing how to make gas welding cart. It's real commonly used type of cart.

      A local dealer is selling more of a soft ground cart that uses folding spare tires that are common at junk yards. The hub for that cart is about 5"X5"X1/4" plate welded to 6"X 1" pipe. Washers and cotter pins hold hub on axle. The plate has holes for bolts to mount wheel/tire and hole for axle. The rest of the bottle cart is a bit beefier than one in llink.


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        Like Zach suggested...simple is easy. This one is made so that the dollie can still be used if needed.

        Just an example:

        Rest of the post can be found here.

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