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A Christmas tale

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  • A Christmas tale

    Merry Christmas to all. We hope you have a joyous and safe holiday. And a lot of new "arcin and sparkin" after Christmas.
    I hope you enjoy the enclosed file a friend sent me
    From the depths of the"Magic Garage"

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    Jim, I don't see any file... But Merry Christmas to you and yours...
    Happy & Safe Welding.......Scott
    Miller Auto Arc XLT 270


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      The magic garage eat the file!

      PS Merry Christmas to ALL!
      Millermatic 200 w/ SKP-35 Spot Pulse Weld Panel, Tweco MIG-GUN #2, running ER70S-6 .035 wire on CO2, Spoolmatic 1 Spool Gun; Miller Thunderbolt 225 A/C stick machine


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        Dang file probably melted down there inall that Florida heat he keeps braggin on. Fact is I'm startin to think global warming is caused by them Florida folks burnin all them hangin chads.


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          Sorry about that. The file was an animated thing about "Rudolf". It was too big to enclose. She who must be obeyed was bugging me to go on a last minute foray to the super Wal-mart, and I didn't edit my post right.
          The weather here was in the high sixties today, 47 in the morning with a high of about 70 on Christmas day.
          Not caused by burning chads, Actually a whole bunch of still steaming dumbacrates, left over from the 2000 election.
          Anyway Merry Christmas to all.
          Pause a moment and and join us in saying a Christmas prayer for our Toops in harms way around the world.
          From the depths of the"Magic Garage"